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ritual of the star-shaped flower


Deep in the grove of the wildling,
Beneath dark foliage and heavy bowers of stone;
The curse of the star-shaped flower pervades the air
Makes a promise in blood to bring ash to her bones.

Words/Image  © to me.


received an amazing package yesterday from Laudanum Maryluxe: 

Dijana wearing my jewellery <3

Moon, photography © Laudanum Maryluxe.
Own work. 

dreams of drowning

under by ~ryanshaw


Acrylic on canvas 600 x 800mm

"Health: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Moral…

A multi-faceted concept that many humans strive for, at least the ones who think/care for themselves, and yet always with less than satisfactory or merely fleeting results, much like the concepts of perfection, perpetuity, democracy (or any other politcal ideal), complete enlightenment, peace… 
The strength or failure of one or more of these facets can and will offset the balance of others. “A healthy body breeds a healthy mind” this is true in most cases (unless the mind in question is already decidedly UNhealthy, no matter what the condition of the body) 
When the failings of the body affect the mind, the path to recovery can become invisible, indistinct or just too damn terrifying to set foot upon, and the sickness grows until its host surrenders and becomes lost. This can lead to gatherings of poisoned souls who congregate and keep the infection continuously circulating. Others become numb to it all and resolve to leave the realm to which thier body is anchored. Still others dont spare a thought for any of this shit and run wherever and consume and do whatever they like, often to the exacerbation of those others and the detriment to the health of the earth.
The result is that we are all at various stages in our struggle to climb out from the sinking muck of mortality, knowing full well we will not succeed. But it is this view of death, from within its very clutches, that makes life sometimes appear beautiful.”

- Ryan Shaw

HEALTH by ~ryanshaw

This image is one of my favourite pieces of art ever created, partially influenced by a dream I re-told to the artist, who also happens to be my cosmic betrothed <3

by ~ryanshaw

Starlight Ritual
Cosmic bath; summoning the silvery spirits of air.

{Auto-portrait ritual series; corresponding moving image project can be viewed here on my vimeo.}

Ultio Lamia.

Oh Spirit;
I call you to consume me,
Cast your hexen words upon my tongue
And speak through me.

I offer my blood;
Gifts of fire and soil,
A sacred charm of hair and bones
Stolen from the Deceiver of my flesh.

Return his sickness to him.
Death, may she seize him.

Ghostknives // Starlight Ritual
auto-portrait ritual series; corresponding moving image project can be viewed here on my vimeo.